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George Washington -job -status in a war -thoughts -time of presidency -nicknime
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- farmer in Virginia - military leader in the Revolutionary War -, power should belong to institution, not the man" -the 1st President of US -1789-1796 -the Father of Our Country
Thomas Jefferson - 2 jobs - his professions (4) - languages he spoke (5) - thoughts (5) - offices (4) - presidency - achievement as the President
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- farmer and lawyer in Virginia -scientist, inventor, philosopher, architect -French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek -, all men are created equal", the power must come from the voters, not the leaders, free elections, press, speech -Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, Vice President, the 3rd President of US -1801-1809 -bought the Louisiana Territory for the US
Abraham Lincoln -place -profession -office (delegate) -presidency and which in the order -thought (1) -war during his presidency -achievement concerning slaves -plans after the war -death (when, how?)
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-Kentucky -a lawyer -delegate from Illinois in Congress -1861-1865 , the 16th President of US -led the North against South in Civil War -the Emacipation Proclamation (he freed the sleaves) -he planned to bring the south back into the Union -assasinated in 1865
John F. Kennedy -presidency -first president in what way -programme (5) -attitude to communism -charities -nuclear weapon -his death, how and when?
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-1961-1963 -first Roman Catholic president and the youngest -fought for civil rights. programs to stop poverty, money for education, medical care for the elderly -against communism; attacking poverty and injustice -the Alliance for Progress, Peace Corps -stop testing nuclear weapons -assassinated in 22nd November 1963

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