EViU2 - 062: Shops and shopping (ENG->ENG)

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shop assistant, sales assistant
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person who works in a shop

the window at the front of the shop

shopping centre
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a place with many shops, outside or indoors

window shopping
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looking round the shops without buying anything

shopping list
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a list of things to buy

to buy things, e.g. clothes, CDs, a present for my sister

do the shopping
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to buy food and things for the house

go to different shops to find the best price

place where people serve you

I'm looking for
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I want

I'm just looking
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I don't need help

I'm being served
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another assistant is already serving/helping me

Yes, I'll take this one/these.
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Yes, I want to buy this one/these.

No, I'll leave it thanks.
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No, I don't want to buy it/them.

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