Expressions with come and go, get

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Did the meeting you were planning ever come off?
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Did the meeting you were planning take place

I don't think his jokes ever quite come off
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I don't think his jokes will ever succeed

When do the exam results come out?
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When will the the exam results be published.

The mark on the carpet won't come out
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The mark on the carpet won't be removed

An important point came up at the meting
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An important point was raised at the meeting

PLease come round and see me sometimes
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Please pay an informal visit and see me sometime

Nothing can come between him and football
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NOthing seperate him and football

I came across a lovely old vase
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I found by chance a lovely old vase

How did you come by that car?
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how did you recieve that car?

an agreement (dogadać się)

a conclusion

a standstill(stop)

an end

a decision

blows(to start fighting)

terms with (acknowledge and accept psychologically)

one's senses (to reflect after doin sth silly)

What is going on next door?
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What is happening next door?

They went on working despite the noise
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They continued working despite the noise

As the weeks went on - things improved
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As the weeks passed - thing improved

You go on - we will catch you up later
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YOU go in advance (z wyprzedzeniem)- we will catch you up later

bloom (rozkwit)



a fortune

money(to get some money unexpectedly, usually by inheritance)

a legacy(odziedziczyć spadek)

operation (start working)

sight (to become visible)(The tall buildings of the city came into sight first)

than it becomes something hauntingly beautiful

haunting melody
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melodia zapadająca w pamięć

view (=sight)

power (of a political party)

existence, being (be created, be developed, be invented, become available)

fashion stać się modnym

come into fashion
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stać się modnym

use (start being used)

come into use
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start being used

come into bloom/flower
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come to an agreement
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dogadać się

come to a standstill
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zatrzymać się

come to blows
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start fighting

come to one's senses
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mieć refleksje po czym głupim

I wouldn't like to go thrigh that again
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I wound't like to experience that again

Let's go through the plans once more
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Let's check the plans once more

THe business did not go through in the end
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THe business was not completed/approved

He went throught a fortune in one weekend
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He spent a fortune in one weekend

He's always going on at me about my hair
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He always complains about my hair

He really went for her when she dared to criticise him
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He really attacked her when she dared to criticise him

He goes for older women
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He is atracted by older women

Which course have you decided to go for?
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Which course have you decided to choose?

Those shoes don't go with that dress
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Those shoes don't match with that dress

The alarm went off when...
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The alarm rang when...

He would never go back on his word
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He would never breake a promise on his word

Let me have a go
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Let me have a turn or try!

I hope the'll make a go of the business
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I have they'll make a success of the business

He's been on the go all day and he's exhausted
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He's been very busy all day and he's exhausted

It goes without saying that we'll all support you
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It's clear without being said that we will all support you.

Your work is good - as far as it goes
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Your work is good - but is limited of insufficinet

The story goes that they... -
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It's said that they...

I'm sure she'll go far
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I'm sure she will be very successful

They went to great lengths to keep it a secret
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It took a lot of trouble to keep it a secret.

The business has gone bankrupt
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They business has not got enough money to pay debts

It's my turn to get dinner tonight
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It's my turn to prepare a meal

I don't get it
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I don't understand it

His behaviour really gets me at times
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His beaviour really annoys me at time.

I hope the enquiry will get at the truth
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I hope the enquiry will find the truth

The robbers got away with several thousand pounds
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do sth wrong without being caught

I've got terribly behing with my work
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fail to produce something at the right time

We could never get by on my salary alone
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We could never manage on my salary alone

This weather is really getting me down
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This wrather really depress me.

It's time you got down to some work
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It's time to begin or to give serious attention to some work.

However will we get on without you?
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However will we manage without u?

jo is getting on very well at school now
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Jo teraz sobie dobrze radzi w szkole. manage

avoid a responsibility

recover from


come to a successful end

He got throught his month's salary in just one weekend
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He spent all his money in just one weekend

They're very quiet. I wonder what they're getting up to?
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I wonder what they are going to do (sth bad)

get out of bed on the wrong side
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be in a bad mood

get off to a good/bad start
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started well/badly

to organise a little get-togehter
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organise informal meeting

get rid of sth
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get righ of sth

get my own back on someone
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take my revenge

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