Rewrite the sentences in the passive

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1. How do you call the new model of your car?
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How is the new model of your car called?

2. They are building a new office building in the city center.
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New office building is being built in the city center.

3. When did the company raise salaries?
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When were the salaries raised?

4. The company offered a job to only one person.
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Job was offered to only one person.

5. We employ 4000 people.
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4000 people are employed.

6. But we don’t employ women over 55.
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Women over 55 are not employed.

7. They cancelled all flights because of fog.
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All flights were cancelled because of fog.

8. How many bumpers do you manufacture?
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How many bumpers are manufactured?

9. We don’t advertise our products on TV. It’s too expensive.
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The products aren’t advertised our products on TV.

10. We described the results of our sales in our latest report.
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The results of our sales were described in your latest report.

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