Randomness vol. 1

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wyróżnić; wyselekcjonować; wybrać z wielu
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to single out
We singled him out from all the other applicants.

obywatelski; miejski
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You've been asked to increase civic activity in your community.

a shawm
Next to him is a figure playing a soprano or treble shawm, a distant forerunner of the oboe.

uroczysty; ceremonialny
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His solemn expression accompanies a quiet wit and a sardonic sense of humor.

podgrupa; poddział
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a subdivision
It's a natural bottleneck which has been reduced by a subdivision.

biegłość; sprawność; wprawa
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German instrumentalists were known for both their strong performance proficiency as also their skills as improvisers.

utrzymać; zachować
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to maintain
It must be costly to create and maintain such intricate dino creations, though.

dwa razy w roku
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twice annually; biannually
Organizations typically schedule these events annually or twice annually.

a chimney
Who wants their chimney swept?

to sweep
Who wants their chimney swept?

to elaborate
If you cannot find any then perhaps you could elaborate on your plan.

wyobrazić sobie
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to envision
That's disappointing if you're trying to envision a useful human vaccine.

przedstawić; obrazować
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to depict
A large portion of texts depicted a particular guild trade attempting to sell a product.

soczysty; przeładowany
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The truffle macaroni and cheese was to die for, luscious with a lovely earthy note from the truffle.

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His view is theatrical, the luscious set strewn with clues.

zawiły; powikłany
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It must be costly to create and maintain such intricate dino creations, though.

utrudniać; zachamować
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Economic progress is impeded by an abundance of ambiguous laws, regulations, and enforcement.

Despite the abundance of natural wealth, poor fiscal management hobbles the economy.

dwuznaczny; niejasny
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So is the fadeout - an ambiguous smirk by the real culprit and killer.

winowajca; sprawca
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The crudest attacks come with the culprit 's electronic fingerprints.

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