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to stop doing something

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a short form of a word or group of words, often using only the first letters

to have the time, strenght, skill etc.

to end a bad low or system

1. newar to a number of ime 2. on the subject of

1. in or to a higher place or position 2. above ground- not under the ground

in or to foreign country

1. completely 2. Yes! or I agree!

describes a style of painting with shapes and colours that not look like real people or thing

to take something that someone offers to give you

an event during which something is broken or someone is hurt

describes a movement, for example standing on a rope in the air, that is difficult to do

1. on the other side 2. from one side to the other

to play a part in a film or play

1. something that you do 2. take action-to do something to deal with a problem

willing and able to run, wor etc.

smeon who takespart in political action

something you do when you play a sport, work, etc.

a man or woman who has a part in a film or play

a woman who has a part in a film or play

to put something in a group or list with other things

you can use "actually" to be polite before you give your opinion, disagree, or say something suprising

1. the details of wheresomeone lives 2. the numbers and letters to use when you e-mail someone or find something on the Internet

to have a good opinion about someone

1. describes a machine, etc. that uses the most modern technology 2. describes something planned for people with a high level of skill

describes an activity that includes exciting or dangerous thing

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a set of words or pictures to encourage people to buy something

the things you say when you tell someone what to do

the feeling you have for someone you like or admire very much

1. I'm afraid- you can use I'm afraid to be polite when you say something sad or unpleasant or when you disagree 2. be afraid of sb or sth -frightend or worried because of someone or something 2. to be afraid

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