Industries and companies

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primary industries
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agriculture, forestry, mining

secondary industries
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capital goods, durable goods, non-durable goods

capital goods
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equipment and machinery used to produce other goods

durable goods
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cars, washing machines

non-durable goods
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food, clothing

service industries
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banking, entertainment, tourism

Economy can be divided into
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the private sector, the public sector

the private sector
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large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals working on a self-employment basis

the public sector
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schools, hospitals, state owned enterprises

Types of business
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sole trader, partnership, limited partnership, privet limited company, public limited company, franchise

responsible for all losses of the business, no one to share the risk with him, no one to take over from him, no capital for expansion

they share the risk, they also share a profit, tho or more people run the business together

limited partnership
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a partner can limit his liability to the amount he contributes, one partner have unlimited personal liability for the losses of the partnership

private limited company
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limited liability company, company is responsible for any debts not the owners, shares cannot be sold to members of the public, restriction on the number of members (maximum fifty)

public limited company
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large financial institutions, members of the public, run by managers under supervision of a Board, stockholders can sell their shares freely on the Stock Exchange

business owner allows other people (franchisees) to set up in business using the company's brand name products and reputation, the franchisee has varying degrees of control over how products are marketed and sold

Business expansion
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stay private, initial public offering, trade sale, merger, acquisition

stay private
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the company increases its sales, number of employees but stay as a private company

initial public offering
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the process of issuing shares, moves from large company to company with a stock-market listing

the original small company is absorbed, for instance: biotechnology and IT

two established companies join to form one

takeover, one established company buys another (subsidiary) by taking controlling stake

An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy

a system of transporting freight by air.

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An integrated circuit or other electronic component containing a semiconductor as a base material

data processing
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The collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information

general merchandise store
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a rural or small town store that carries a general line of merchandise

A peripheral
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a device that is connected to a host computer, but not part of it

electric, gas, water

the business of buying and selling shares

consumer staples
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beverage, food, personal products

office supplies
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paper, post-it notes

consumer discretionary
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automobiles, household appliances, consumer services, household durables, leisure facilities


integrated circuit
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real estate

rooms, equipment or services that are provided for particular purpose

initial public offering
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run company on
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a day-to-day basis

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restrictions, obstacle

underwrite the issue
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the investment bank takes some risk as they guarantee that all the shares will be purchased

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