Klasa 2 tłumaczenie XII 2011

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when a rate of increase is becoming faster and faster
Inflation is growing exponentially.
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having been used and unable to be used again
A spent matchstick (zapałka)
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no longer operating or existing
Members of a now defunct communist organization.
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a spacecraft without people on board
Pioneering space probe Mariner 9 reaches Mars.
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to be strong enough not to be damaged by extreme conditions or strong force
Our toys are designed to withstand the rough treatment of the average five-year-old.
serious damage
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severe in effect damage
Risk of serious damage to eyes.
immense speed
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extremely large or great speed
Business is being globalized with an immense speed.
influential report
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having a lot of influence on someone or sth
Organization where he wrote an influential report, titled Maternal.
abandoned equipment
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having been left
How long do you guys wait before you sell off abandoned equipment?

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