Phrasal verbs with three parts

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come up with
The factory manager asked all the employees to see if they could come up with some ideas as to how the problem could be solved.

z niecierpliwością czekać
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look forward to
I'm really looking forward to going on holiday.

poruszać się z tą samą prędkością
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keep up with
Don't walk so fast! I can't keep up with you.

ubiegać się
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put somebody in for
They are putting her in for her Grade 8 piano exam this year.

godzić się z, znosić
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put up with
How do you put up with the noise of the traffic outside your bedroom window?

cut down on
I'd like us to cut down on the amount of TV we watch.

look up to
I've always looked up to my grandmother. She's an amazing person.

catch up with
We'll never catch up with them. They're too far ahead.

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make up for
We want to make up for all the time she wasted in her first year at secondary school.

wykręcić się, wymigać się
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get away with
They stole 1 milion and got away with it.

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