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do sth WITH a view TO doING sth else
She took the course WITH A VIEW TO improvING her employment prospects.
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do it with that purpose in your mind

WITH regard TO
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on the subject of / regarding

ON consideration
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having thought about it again carefully

IN relation TO
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with reference to / regarding

CONSIDERING how little experience she has, she's doing very well at the job.
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when you take sth into consideration / when you consider

Allowing FOR
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taking into consideration

on the subject of

based on the belief that sth is the case

Judging BY
JUDGING BY the expression on his face, I'd say he wasn't very pleased
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basing my opion on...

in the case of

as long as / on condition that / if

since it is true / the case that

turn UP at a particular time
We had arranged to meet at 8, but he TURNED UP half an hour late.
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to arrive at that time

get ON FOR a particular time
It must be GETTING ON FOR eight o'clock now.
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approach or nearly that time

put sb UP
If you'd like to stay the night, we can PUT you UP in the spare room.
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give sb temporary accommodation in your home

take UP a particular amount of time
He doesn't have much of a social life - his job TAKES UP all his time.
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it occupies that amount of time

get sth OVER WITH
I'm not looking forward to going to the dentist's - I just want to GET it OVER WITH.
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you do and complete sth unplesasant so that it is not still waiting to be done

turn TO sb
She always TURN TO her parents when she's got a problem.
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go to that person for help

take to DOING sth
Lately, he's TAKE TO phonING us very late at night.
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start regularly doing sth strange or uncharacteristic

get AWAY with doING sth
The shouldn't GET AWAY WITH chargING such hight prices.
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sb does sth that he shouldn't be allowed to do but he is not punished or made to stop doing it

put UP WITH sth
I'm simply not going to PUT UP WITH his rudeness any longer.
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tolerate sth even though you don't like it

turn sth / sb DOWN
Even though they offered him a better job, he TURNED them DOWN.
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refuse the offer

take sb UP ON an offer
I decided to TAKE them UP ON their offer of a lift.
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you accept sb's offer some time after it has been made

put sb off doing sth
That terrible experience has PUT me OFF ever going there again.
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it makes you don't want to do it

sth / sb TEMPTS sb INTO doING STH
In my opinion, they have all these special offers to TEMPT people INTO buyING things they don't really want.
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sth / sb succeed in persuading that person to do sth they shouldn't do by attracting them to it

persuade sb TO DO sth
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cause sb to agree to do it by giving the reasons or putting pressure on that person

Convince sb that
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make sb believe that sth is the true situation by giving evidences or insisting

nalegać, domagać się czegoś

cause sb to make one decision rather than another

Something had obviously amused him because he was CHUCKLING quietly to himself.
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laugh quietly

When he fell down, he groaned with pain.
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make an involuntary sound that expressing pain

Grunt when lifting a heavy suitcase. OR When I asked him if he was annoyed with me, he just grunted.
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make an involuntary sound caused by making a great effort OR make a short sound instead of speaking

Squeal when seeing a huge spider / squeal with delight
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make a high-pitched sound because you are frightened or excited

IN the absence OF sth
IN THE ABSENCE OF any real evidence against them, the case had to be dropped.
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because sth is missing / lacking / not present

A scarcity OF sth
There is a SCARCITY OF cheap housing on the market at the moment.
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=a shortage of it, a lack of supply of it

the / a LACK OF sth
LACK OF interest in the event meant that there was only a small crowd.
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none of it / not enough of it

FOR want OF sth
She stays in the job FOR WANT OF a better alternative.
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because sth doens't exist / is lacking

sb OUTDOes sb else
Rivals constantly trying to outdo each other.
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sb do better than sb at something

excel AT sth
She always EXCELLED AT Physics when she was at school.
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be very good at it or do it very well

one thing OUTWEIGHS another
The interests of her children OUTWEIGHED all other considerations for her.
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= it has mre importance than the second thing

overdo sth
She overdid the importance of such a trivial matter.
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exaggerate sth or do it an extent that is not necessary or advisable- wyolbrzymiać, przesadzać

clothes get smaller as a result of being washed

A crumpled jacket/ piece of paper
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sth lost its shape and is no longer smooth as a result of pressure being applied to id

it's a short version of account or a piece of writting

compress sth
Compress a great many clothes into a suitcase.
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force it to occupy a small or smaller space by applying pressure to it

be IN attendace
Most of the shareholders when IN ATTENDANCE at the Annual General Meeting.
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to attend or be present at sth

akcjonariusz, udziałowiec

be or do sth IN company WITH sb
IN COMPANY WITH most other people there, I was astonished by what happened.
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be or do sth with them

Will my PRESENCE be acquired at the meeting?
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fact or act of being somewhere

His unexpected appearance took everyone by surprise
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the fact or act of appearing or arriving somewhere

resort TO sth / doING sth
When asking for our money back in a reasonable manner failed, we had to RESORT TO threats (groźby)
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take an unpleasant course of action because every other course of action has failed to achieve the desired result

employ sth
Empoly certain technical terms to explain how the motor works.
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you use sth in order to achieve an aim

apply sth TO sth
Apply a logic to a problem
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use sth in order to help to achive an aim

Adopt a different method for solving a problem
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decide to follow sth or start following it (a particular course of action)

come OVER TO sb AS sth
He COMES OVER TO the voters as a trustworthy politician.
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create an impression of being sth

coming along
How is dinner coming along?
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= making progress

come UP TO a certain standard or level
He didn't COME UP TO the required standards.
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reach or achieve it

come off
Take a risk that comes off.
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= successful

uppermost IN sb's minds
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it is the thing that sb is thinking about more than anything else

Do sth with supreme skill / confidence.
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the greatest possible

Principal reason / concern / wish
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=main / greatest in importance

be superior TO sb
His skills are SUPERIOR TO those of any other player in the team.
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sb is more important or better than sb else

Despite having a low income, she manages to GET BY.
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manage with some difficulty to survive financially

KEEP UP a certain level or standard
This is good work. Keep it up!
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succeed in maintaining it

Live ON a certain amount of money
People who have to LIVE ON low incomes.
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amount of money that you have and are able to pend in the normal course of your life

Stand FOR sth
I'm not going to stand for any more of her rudeness.
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tolerate sth

Remedy sth
Their relationship has become so bad that it is too late to REMEDY the situation.
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find a solution to sth or make it right again

Cure sb OF sth
Cure a patient / a disease
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cause sb to recover completely from the ilness or end it.

The injury or cut heals / That cut will heal more quickly if you don't cover it.
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get better through a natural process

be modelled on sth
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sth is mainly copied from or based on it

mould sth
His personality was moulded during his schooldays
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cause it to develop in a particular way

adapt FROM sth
A film adapted from a novel.
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sth is based on sth but changes have been made

influence the nature of sth or the way it develops

She paints PURELY for pleasure, not because she wants to make any money out of it.
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= simply and with nothing else involved

do sth SINGLY
Guests arriving singly / give out books singly
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do sth alone or individually

do sth FULLY
Explain the matter fully.
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Do sth without leaving anything out

say sth DIRECTLY
He told me directly that he was annoyed with me.
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say sth without trying to be diplomatic or polite

Feel for sb
I really FEEL FOR her at what must be a very difficult time for her.
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have sympathy for sb because that person is unhappy

commiserate WITH sb
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tell sb that you have sympathy with that person when is unhappy

sympathize with sb
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feel sympathy FOR sb who is unhappy

Pity sb
Pity someone who is always unlucky / pity yourself / because life has treated you badly
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feel that sb is a very unfortunate or inadequate person

Jackie is a good student and has a PROMISING future.
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considered likely to be good or successful

Prospective customer / law
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might be or happen in the future

A potential winner / disaster
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might become or develop into

A thriving trade / economy
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prospering or developing well

inquire INTO sth
Experts are INQUIRING INTO the causes of the accident.
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try to find out information or details about sth

People seeking employment.
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try to find sth

Investigate a crime
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examine sth and try to find out details about it

Explore the possibility of starting a business.
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consider sth carefully and try to find out about every aspect of it

cross sb's mind
It suddenly CROSSED her MIND that she had promised to meet a friend that night.
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sth suddenly or briefly comes into your mind

sth HITs sb
It suddenly HIT me that I was making an awful mistake.
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sb suddenly realizes or thinks of sth

sth TOUCHes sb
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sth affect sb emotionally because it is sth pleasant for you or kind to your personally

sth STRIKEs sb
It STRUCK me that sth was wrong.
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sb suddenly realizes sth or sth suddenly comes into sb's mind

act + adverb
Although she ACTERD confidentLY, she was in fact very nervous.
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behave in a way that suggest a certain feeling, attitude or belief, although this may not really be the case

behave + adverb
Behave strangely / nervously / foolishly
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act in a certan way

pretend TO be sth / sb
Pretend to be clever / a policeman.
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say or ac as if sb is that thing, although he isn't

She carried on talking, without even GLANCING in my direction.
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look quickly and briefly in the certain direction

Stare at sth without blinking once.
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open and close your eyes quickly

Squint into the sunshine / squint at small print
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frown and partially close eyes because of bright light or because it's difficult to see sth

Glimpse the figure moving in the distance.
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see sth for a brief moment and then it disappears

Regard FOR sth / sb
She shows little REGARD FOR the feelings of others.
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respect or consideration for sth / sb

Sensitivity TO sth
Show SENSITIVITY TO the way someone is feeling.
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awareness and understanding of the feelings of others

Awareness OF sth
Show AWARENESS OF a problem.
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knowing or realizing that sth exists or is the case
Być świadomym problemu.

Perception OF sth
An analysis that shows considerable PERCEPTION OF the situation
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ability to realize or understand the true nature of sth
- spostrzeżenie

Despite his DEFICIENCIES as a player, he has had successful career.
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sth lacking in or wrong with sb / sth

shortage OF sth
In the city is a SHORTAGE OF water.
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not enough og sth

He gets a pension because of his DISABILITY.
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permanent physical problem that prevents sb from doing certain things

It's a good idea but I can see one or two SNAGS.
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small disadvantage or problem
- przeszkoda, trudność, szkopuł

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