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collect a very large about of sth

to become bigger and worse

to increase enormously in number

to increase in level or quality, become more impressive

apologize, at length and sincerely

rewarded, gaining big rewards for sth

Rely, Depend, very much

punished, injured, very much about bad situation

limit yourself to sth

have feelings that prevent you form doing sth

judgement, do not Express an opinion until you learn about IT

feeling, preserve form expressing

A secret, allow sth to be known

anger, Express negative emotions

say, make sound with your voice

opinion, view, express IT openly

make an effort, try to do this

take a lot of trouble, make an effort to do sth

be at pains, try really hard to do sth

the greatest efforts you can make

to improve sth to a good condition after a period of doing sth badly

aquintance, to have contact again after a period of having no contact badly

memory, remind of sth

to pkt SB back in place or position

keep pace with, to be able to follow the development of sth even when IT changes

keep track of - keep up to date with its changes and developments

follow progress of sth - continue to be informed about developments of IT

keep step with - respond to the way IT changes or develops by doing the same

A fear - begins to disappear

spirit/enthusiasm - stop being very happy

confidence, cause to lose confidence gradually

act as if IT has much less value or importance than IT really has

emphasis on, emphasize it

importance to, consider sth important

blame, blame sb for doing sth

heed to, take notice of sth, dont ignore

action, statement, bad dishonest but obvious, nobody fails to recognize IT

feature, The most important

easy to notice, stand out in surrounding

be very noticeable

form sth, decide as a result of experiencing sth

into sth, analyze or predict

take po angielsku
sth, react to sth or interpret IT

sth into, believe sth serious

accept IT, respect IT

yourself to, accept sth as a case, you have to do this even you are unhappy

sth, admit

to be more important than sth

take so much as others cant have it

overrun with, too many of sth go/are terenie

sth, to be better or exceed sth

situation, think about sth carefully

refuse to speak because you are annoyed

Tell sb to be quiet

on/over /upon, think carefully about situation and consequences

do a lot of things at the same time

there and then
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do sth immediately rather than wait until later

complete sth with single brief action

form time to time, not continuously

connected with belonging to each of the individual People

feeling, shared by all mentioned people

done together with another person or other people

shared by or relating to a group of people

yourself to, make sure of the case, you dont have to be worried

check and then make sure

sth that, make enquiries and then make sure

make sth certain, promise sth is certain

cause to happen

criticism, punishment, deserve from your actions, do sth that causes you to receive it

find or get sth by chance

Come out with
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idea, say sth unexpectedly


for the time being

some time from now, after unspecified period

not long from now

be under no illusions
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know and fully accept the reality of sth

have fantasy about
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have thoughts about sth good, that is unrealistic because it is not likely to happen

have daydreams
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stop concentrating on what you are doing and start thinking about some pleasant things

dishonest act, lie

lie, Fall with your Arms and legs stretched out

sit or stand with your head and shoulders Bent forward or Down in a way that is considered bad

sit or lie in Lazy, untidy manner

it hangs or bends forward, result of weakness or illness

indicate, prove that it is True

succeed in doing sth difficult and adventurous

prove to be correct after it is checked

make sure that people notice it because you want to impress them

A guess, guess but know when doing so that you might well be wrong

as to/on, make a guess predicition about sth even though u dont have a real evidence of IT

imagine, expect it will happen

in accordance with
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in agreement with, confirming to

in obedience
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to, The act of obeying orders, you are doing what you are told to do

to, format approval of sth, agreement

agreement not to keep demanding or insisting on sth especially when you are negotiating or discussing

theory, idea, propose it or say that it will happen

way, do sth without much thought or thinking about IT, taking it seriously

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to, be not personally involved, you are neutral, objective

from, be not involved, your feelings are not affected

to, have no feelings about, dont care

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