BBC Learning English: Other words to describe cold weather

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(especially of the weather or a place, but also of people) too cold to be comfortable; chłodny, zimny (np. dzień)
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It's chilly today. I was feeling chilly.

(informal) (of the weather) cold; ostry, chłodny, rześki (np. o pogodzie)
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(of the air or the weather) pleasantly dry and cold; rześki, skrzypiący
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a crisp winter morning; The air was crisp and clear and the sky was blue.

(of the weather) extremely cold; cold with frost; mroźny, zaszroniony
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a frosty morning; He breathed in the frosty air. It’s frosty outside.

extremely cold; lodowato zimny
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freezing/freezing cold
It's freezing cold outside.

(of a wind) very cold and unpleasant; przejmujący, przenikliwy (np. wiatr, zimno)
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He shivered in the biting cold. The biting January wind drove the snow before it.

(weather) very cold; zimny i wilgotny (o pogodzie);
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a raw north wind; It had been a wet raw winter.

(of weather conditions) extremely cold and unpleasant; przenikliwy, przejmujący, nieprzyjemny (np. wiatr, chłód)
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bitter cold; a bitter wind; It's really bitter out today.

(of temperatures) below zero; poniżej zera (o temperaturze)
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