EViU2 - 065: City live (ENG -> ENG)

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commercial centre
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area with lots of banks and company offices

shopping centre
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place with many shops, either indoors or outdoors

places to leave many cars

buildings where you make/manufacture things, e.g. cars

skyscrapers / high-rise buildings
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buildings with many floors

places where you can borrow books

areas outside the centre of town where people live

the time when people travel to and from work, e.g. 7-9 in the morning

public transport system
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trains and buses

manage something which is difficult

people who live in the country but travel into the city for work

busy and full of cars

want to get to another place very quickly

makes you nervous and anxious

going to places for social reasons

go into town
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the town centre

lots of people and lots of things happening

there's plenty to do
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lots of possibilities, e.g. bars, discos, etc.

places to go at night, e.g. bars, discos, cinemas

wide range of shops
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many shops selling different things

get whatever you want
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buy everything and anything you want

cultural activities
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e.g. museums, concerts, films

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full of people from many different countries and cultures

job opportunities
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easier to find work

full of people

seem angry and very unfriendly

traffic congestion
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too many cars

number of crimes

cost of living
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e.g. houses are more expensive, so is transport

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