Battle of Adrianople

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O co chodziło w Battle of Adrianople
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The Battle of Adrianople (9 August 378), sometimes known as the Battle of Hadrianopolis, was fought between a Roman army led by the Roman Emperor Valens and Gothic rebels led by Fritigern.

Dowódca Rzymian w Battle of Adrianople
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Emperor Valens

Dowódca Gotów w Battle of Adrianople
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Battle of Adrianople's Date
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August 9, 378 C.E.

Battle is considered as
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beginning of the collapse of the Roman Empire in the fifth century

During the 370s C.E. there was a movement of
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peoples from Mongolia into Eastern Europe

Who was driven out from Mongolia by the Chinese?
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What happened between 372 and 376
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The Huns droved the Goths westward

What Valens gave the Goths?
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permission to settle in the empire as long as they agreed to serve in the Roman army.

What Romans agreed to provide the Goths?
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free supplies

What was the real situation with providing supplies to the Goths?
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Greedy and corrupt Roman officials tried to use the situation to their advantage by either selling supplies to the Goths that should have been free or not giving them the supplies at all.

What happened during a conference between the Visigoth leadership and Roman authorities in 377?
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the Romans attacked the Visigoth leaders.

what were the consequences of the meeting in AD 377?
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Some of the leaders escaped and joined with the Ostrogoths and began raiding Roman settlements in Thrace.

What was the situation before battle?
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Romans gained the upper hand and rounded up the Gothic forces.

Who made agreement with Valens before battle and what about was the agreement?
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Western emperor Gratian wanted to help Valens with problem of Goths.

Did Valens everything correctly according to the plan?
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No, Western emperor Gratian with his army was on his way to join Valens when Valens decided to attack the Goths without Gratian and his army.

Describe battle of Adrianople
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attack began before infa had finished deploy. As Rom cavalry charged camp, Got cavalry, recalled from their raids on coun-ide and charged Rom caval and routed it. Gothic infa and cava turned on Rom inf and killed it. Got killed 2/3 of Rom army + Valens

What were the consequences of Battle of Adrianople
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Theodosius was able to drive many of Got back north of Danube River, while others were allowed to settle Roman territory as Rom citizens. With peace Eastern Rom Emp gained source of. These soldiers would rebel and march against Rome.

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